PP – Hand Pumps For Diversified Applications 700 – 1400 Bar


These hand pumps are single-stage, tankless, lightweight and are easy to handle (their weight is less than 5kg for the standard version and 6kg for the INOX version).

All models are equipped with:

– 490 mm removable activation handle, used to turn the bypass valve on through the front connection ; – Fixing holes on the base ; – 3/8”-18 NPT side ports for oil inlet and outlet ; – All standard pump components, both internal and external, undergo the EUROPRESS exclusive thermo-chemical treatment, named Nitreg-ONC®, which makes steel exceptionally hard and resistant to corrosion and mechanical wear.

The PP113 pump is also available in stainless steel for usage with water, and with different pump heads to be used at pressures lower than 700 bar (available on request).


These types of pumps are particularly  usefull if used with small assembly room applications, and if installed either on machines or in circuitsalready equipped with their own reservoir. We advise to action the pump with the flooded inlet.

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