Multi Functional Waist Axe Yf-a

TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: Model AYF-A Min. ARM Strength 190mm (7.5in) Max. ARM Strength 290mm (114 lbs) The Minimum cutting radius of gyration 300mm (11.8 lbs) The Max. cutting radius of gyration 400mm (15.8lbs) Max. Opening disaster 4mm (0.16lbs) Hand Force 9N (21 lbs) Weight 0.9 Kg (1.98 lbs) Dimensions (L*W*H) 300x140x200mm


Multi functional Fire Rescue Waist is a versatile hand tool set shovel, axe, hammer, pry, saw, and other functions as one of the portable hand tool. It is a good rescue helper carried by the army, armed police, fire fighting and rescue personnel. Moreover, it can be used not only in the fire, disaster field (broken doors, windows, boards and earthquake, collapse, vehicle accidents. etc) and other special occasions, but also a variety of rescue problems can be solved. It is one of the breaking rescue tools for survival in outdoor activities.
Application:1. Traffic accident and air disaster rescue. 2. Earthquake and other geological disasters rescues,. 3. Collapse  4.vehicle accident and other special occasions .
Feature: (picture one)1. Available for chopping wood or iron, and also break 6.5mm steel. 2 Cutting edge of Axe, can be used to cut wood frame structure, wooden doors, wooden windows and so on. 3. Handle blade used as trough and cut steel and iron combined with another axe. Handle blade and cutting saw can be used interchangeably, part of the handle blade and the main cutting saw adopt button setting to limit the location and easy to operate, reliable and beautiful, non-slip handle design with rubber structure. 4. Sharp chisel can impact drilling hard objects, wire hook groove can hook wire type.
(Picture two)1. Available for chopping wood or iron, and also break 5mm steel. The axe surface adopts new structure which can reduce the resistance. 2. You can pry standard nails from the wood, but the greater force required thicker nails. 3. Slotted device can be used on a wood or 1.5mm steel to Gouge export, so that other tools could enter easily. 4. Axe jaw not only can be used to break wood board less than 21mm or to distort the thin steel sheet, but also screw the edge distance 10/16/18/20 four specifications fasteners. 5. Gutting head can be used to cut 2.5mm steel or automotive protective glass, the cutting head is extensible and can be used alone