High Efficiency Double Hose Reel Motor Pump

Technical Parameters Model ABJQ-72/0.9-A Driver Power Honda  GX160 Gasoline Engine Rated Flow 0.9/Min*2 (High Pressure) 3.5L/Min*2 (Low Pressure) Rated Working Speed 3200±200rpm Working Pressure 72 Mpa 10440 psi Hydraulic Tank Capacity 4L Fuel Tank Capacity 3.1L Weight 68 Kg Dimension 850x440x470mm


ABJQ-72/0.9-2 motor pump is a kind of motor pump stations that collected the function of motor pump and reel. It has two sets of independent oil supply system and a control valve which has the converging function, it can not only make two sets of tools operate respectively and simultaneously, but also can make one tool operate with the double speed of normal speed, greatly improve the rescue efficiency.

Application: 1Traffic accident and air disaster rescue. 2. Earthquake and other geological disasters rescues. 3 Building collapses and others.

Features: 1. It adopts two stages piston pump, with the high and low pressure automatic Conversion function, when at low pressure 2. It has big flow rate, and can accelerate the operation of the tool. When at high pressure, the low pressure leaks automatically, and can improve engine efficiency.3. It adopts HONDA GX160 gasoline engine which is reliable and has stable performance.4. ABJQ-D motor pump collects the pump and oil hose together, we don’t need collect the pump and hose while operating, 5. It expanded the pump’s scope by adopting the 20 meters extension oil hose. The operator can fix the devices and corresponding tools by selecting the tools, and forming simple integrated rescue system, applied for various rescue Environment.