Articulating Boom Lifts (Electric) ABLE Series

Model imperial Metric Imper ial Metric
Work Height 52# 6in 16m 70ft 4in 21.45m
Platform Height 45# 11in 14m 63# 10in 19.45m
Horizontal Outreach 248 7in 7.50m 39ft 6in 12.05m
Up and Over Height 25# Sin 7.74m 27ft 1in 8.25m
A- Stowed Length 218 8in 6.6m 28ft 7in 8.72m
B Stowed Width 5ft 9in 1.75m 8# 2in 2.49m
C Stowed Height 6ft 7in 2m 8# 3in 2.56m
D Platform Length 4tt 12in 1.52m 6.00ft (standard) 8.01ft, (option) 1.83m (standard) 2.44 (option)
E- Platform Width 2ft 6in 0.76m 2.496 (standard) (option) 0.76m (standard) 0.91. (option)
-Wheelbase 6ft 9in 2.05m 8# 3in 2.52m
G Ground Clearance 8in 0.20m 0.33m
Platform Capacity 510 lb 230kg 550 lb 250kg
Drive Speed 3.79 mph 6. 1km/h 3.79 mph 6.1km/h
Gradeability 30%(17′) 45%(24*)
sin 0.20m
Tuming Radus (Inside) 2ft 7in 0.79m 9ft 1in 2.78m
Turning Radius (Outside) 10ft 4in 3.15m 18ft 5.49m
Swing 360 continuous 360* continuous
Platform Rotation +90 +90
H-Tail Swing Oin Om 2ft 0.6m
Max. Working Slope 2/4° 3/5
Max. Wind Speed 27 96mph 12.5m/s 27 96mph 12.5m/s
Battery (Optional) 24x2V/320Ah 24x2V/440Ah
Charger (Optional) 48V60A 48V/60A
Drive Motor AC 32V AC 32V AC 32V AC 32V
Lift Motor DC 48V DC 48V AC 32V AC 32V
Auxiliary Power Manual Pump 12V DC
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 7 9(us gal) 30L 19. 8(us gal) 75L
Drive 4WD
Type Foam-filled 240/55D17.5 Tires 33x 12 Foam-filled D610 Tires
Gross 14991 lb 6800kg 20283 lb 9200kg

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