Mechanical Pullers 1 To 40 Tons

Model Number Capacity (ton) Number of Jaws Centre Bolt Dia. A (mm) Max. Reach B (mm) Spread Range C (mm) Max. Torque (N.m) Weight (kg) 202 1 2 7.9 57 6.4 to 82.6 – 0.28 102 1 3 7.9 57 6.4 to 82.6 – 0.31 203 2 2 9.4 76 6.4 to 114.3 – 0.51…


The Posi Lock® line of quality manual gear and bearing pullers sets the standard for quickness, ease and convenience. With Posi Lock, it’s strictly a one-man operation. The T-handle and Cage control the jaws at all times. This means that the opening, closing, locking and aligning of the jaws are all done automatically by simply turning the T-handle. Posi Lock® pullers have been designed for effective removal of stubborn gears, bearings, pulleys, and other press ? t items from any machine in diverse industries. Shown here is the complete line of 2- and 3-jaw Posi Lock pullers, ranging from 1- to 40-ton capacity.