Manual Rescue Tools & Assist Rescue Equipment

TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: Model ACJS6000-B Impact Distance 442mm  (17.4in) Weight of Impact Hammer =6.7kg  (4.7lbs) Total Weight =19.6kg (43.2lbs) Dimension (L*W*H) 782x72x70mm


Ergonomically designed, this hooligan tools will well satisfy requirements of using, convenient and flexible. Inter-grading working types of chisel, cutting, smashing, prying and so on, is an ideal manual forcible entry tool. The working head adopted high strength tool steel, is strength, toughness and durability.
Application: Rip building walls, floor, vehicle windows, locks and so on, in case of other rescue equipment can’t work.
Features:1. Imp-actor body: be used as pry, handle, impact and beat to work together with other tool; 2. Extension distance 1222mm, closed length 780mm, adjustable distance 442mm; 3. Multi-functional work head sets of model A/B/C; 4. No need for power pack; 5. Portable aluminum alloy case.