CML – Spring Return Aluminium Cylinders

Features Five models of this type of cylinder are manufactured in a high resistance aluminium cylinder body (and end of stroke nut for 100 tonne) with a protective treatment, to increase the resistance to corrosion. Wiper seals are fitted to prevent the penetration of dirt. It’s recommended to carefully avoid, despite the protective treatment, the eventual flow of water which, due to the galvanic currents, can deteriorate the surface. Given the sensitivity of the material to work stress we suggest a maximum use of 5000 work cycles. All models are supplied with interchangeable grooved pushing saddle and have two lateral threaded holes to enable the mounting of a tilt saddle to reduce the effects of any side loading.

They are also fitted with a removable carry handle.


Because of their extremely low weight and dimensions these cylinders are particularly suitable for use in applications where lightness and ease of handling are paramount.

ACCESSORIES : – Separate  ZTT tilt saddle reduces the effects of possible off-centre loads.

STANDARD : – Pushing saddle prevents any risk of rod deformation.

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