PS -Steel Hand Pumps 400 – 700 – 1000 Bar


These hand pumps are robust and easy to use and require moderate handle effort. They are available in four models, with three pressure ratings, 400 – 700 – 1000 bar. These pumps can also operate in vertical position with their head downwards.

All models are equipped with:

– External adjustable safety valve ;
– Fixing holes ;
– Handle locking mechanism for an easy transport.

Available with 0,42 – 0,8 lt. reservoirs depending on the model.


These pumps are ideal to be used with small hydraulic tools and / or single acting cylinders that require a small amount of oil.


All the PS model pumps have a hole on the head for the mounting of the G106L gauge.


Reservoir capacity: 0,42-0,8 l
Oil delivery for stroke in HP: 1-2,3 cm3
Max pressure: 400 -700 – 1000 bar