Rad Wheel Nut and Otr Mining

PART NUMBER TOOL MODEL DRIVE SIZE TORQUE LOW (Nm) HIGH RPM WEIGHT (Kg) NOISE LEVEL DIMENSION A (mm) DIMENSION B (mm) DIMENSION C (mm) DIMENSION D (mm) DIMENSION E (mm) 13541 10GX-R 0.75″ 400 950 115 5.4 80 db 368 63 50 70 228 14550 14GX-NX 0.75″ 275 1350 20 3.6 80 db 207 63…


Accidents caused by incorrectly tightened wheel nuts are a serious problem. That’s why the RAD Wheel Nut Bolting was designed with one job in mind: wheel nut bolting where torque control is a must. RAD planetary gear torque wrenches are vibration free and have the accuracy to prevent accidental under- and over-tightening. The nose extensions are ideal for reaching wheel nut studs that are recessed and have tight clearances.

  • Removable custom reaction arms designed to fit virtually on any wheel configuration
  • Extended reaction point for safe and quick operation
  • Accuracy to ensure correct tightened wheels

The nose extension (-R) Developed exclusively for extreme duty maintenance of mining haul trucks from 50-400 ton capacities and front-end loaders. The extended nose allows safe access of virtually all wheel configurations found on today’s heavy equipment.
The nose extension kit (-NX) Designed with flexibility in mind. Complete with 3 different reaction arms and a nose extension for hard-to-reach areas, the NX Kit is a “go anywhere” tool capable of a variety of applications but especially suitable for off-road construction equipment.