Pneumatic Piston Oil Pump, Pumpmaster 60, Pm60 – 6:1, Stub, Npt

Technical Data Air motor stroke 100 mm (4 “) Fluids Hydraulic oil, Lubricant oil, Transmission fluid, Gear oil Air consumption 1100 NL/min (38.8 scfm) Weight 19 kg (42 lb) Cycles per litre (aprox.) 60 cycles Noise level 80 dB Maximum free flow delivery (SI) 100 l/min, 100 l/min, 26.4 gal/min Wetted materials NBR, Polyurethane, Nickel,…


PM60 series air operated piston pumps. Double acting air operated medium pressure and high delivery pump, for large installations with simultaneous operation outlets and applications that require large, constant delivery rates. Built in port for optional pressure relief valve (PN 609 007). Flange mounted pump. Maximum air consumption with 5 bar (72 psi) air inlet pressure and 60 cpm. Maximum noise level measured at 1 m (3.3′) from the pump, 7 bar (102 psi) air pressure and free delivery.