OPTIONS -Accessories For Modular Power Packs 700 Bar

Caratteristiche Tecniche

G – Glycerine filled pressure gaugeØ 100 with manual VMEW valve and Ø 63 with solenoids and with controlled check manual or counterbalance valves(digital gauge upon request) ;
C – Protective housing (standard for MS power packs) ;
W – Protective housing with 4 pivoting wheelS Ø 80×25 mm) ;
N – Emergency button ;
R – Manual activated remote control, 5 metres long;
F – Pedal activated remote control, 5 metres long;
P – Pressure sensor and pressure gauge ;
L – Filter and pressure reducer for air motor models;
U – Unidirectional flow regulator;
H – Unidirectional flow regulator with fine regulation, mounting plate;
E – Heat exchanger ;
S – Filter on return line(not available for 5 l and 10 l tank power packs tank high).


Z – Without hand wheel adjustable pressure valve ;
Y – Without magneto-thermal switch For electric motor models.


ZMD## Rain proof cover kit for power packs.
ZMK## Rain proof / dust proof polyester waterproof cover for power packs.