Master Puller Sets

Grip Puller Set Capacity** 8 ton 20 ton 30 ton 50 ton
Model Number AHP-1752 AHP-2751G AHP-3751G AHP-5751G
Included Hydraulics Set Weight 37 Kg 90 kg 172 kg 298 kg
Hand Pump P-105 P-109 P-109 P-123
Cylinder ARCH-123 ARCH-202 ARCH-302 ARCH-603
Saddle ASP-2015 ASP-3015 ASP-6016
Hose AH Series AH Series AH Series AH Series
Gauge AG-1510 AG-1510 AG-1510 AG-1510
Gauge Adaptor AGA-3 AGA-3 AGA-3 AGA-3
Included Pullers          
10 Grip Puller AHP-1762 AHP-252 AHP-352 AHP-552
20 Cross Bearing Puller AHP-1772 AHP-262 AHP-362 AHP-562
30 Bearing Cup Puller AHP-180 AHP-280 AHP-380 AHP-580
40 Bearing Puller AHP-181 AHP-282 AHP-382 AHP-582
Case C-6 C-350 C-350 C-750


  • Supplied with a full hydraulic set including pump, hose, cylinder, gauge, gauge adaptor and wooden case
  • High quality, forged steel components provide superior  reliability and service
  • Sets include speed crank and adjusting screw for fast  contact to work before hydraulics are applied
  • All Master Puller Sets include a Grip Puller, a Cross  Bearing Puller, a Bearing Cup Puller and a Bearing  Puller Attachment, which can be ordered separately,  see items nr. 10, 20 , 30 and 40.