Inflatable Jacks

Model No. Lifting Force (ton) Area (cm) Height (mm) Insert height (mm) Max. Lifting Height (mm) Max. pressure (bar) Test Pressure (bar) Weight (Kg) AIJ1 1.1 15×15 23 24 250 8 12 0.45 AIJ5 5 25×25 25 26 270 8 12 1.9 AIJ8 9 32×32 25 26 300 8 12 3 AIJ10 11 37×37 25…


Air lifting bag is a special tool for rescue and other emergency situation; it is multi-functional of lifting, pushing & pulling, extruding, separating etc. air lifting bag is made of CR121 type Neoprene, durable and resistant, the unit is mainly composed of  high pressure gas cylinder, valves, pressure reducer, high pressure hose, air bag, etc.

This safety air cushion can be used for traffic emergency rescue & vehicle extrication, Railway, Tunnel, Subway rescue Earthquake disaster relief accident rescue; Mining rescue etc. lifting function needed situations
  • Noiseless,
  • Shamble,
  • Lift the heaviest object stubbly
  • Long using life,
  • The special design on surface can maintain the skid resistance when work on grass/ sediment etc.