Hydraulic Puller Package Set

TECHNICAL DATA:  Capacity Model No. Reach (Max.mm) Spread (Max.mm) Stroke (mm) Pump Tip (mm) Jaw Tip (mm) Weight (Kg.) C D H E F G A B C 4 TON ABPM420 185/250 55 255/110 60 42 22 84 11 6 22 4.5/8.5 6 TON ABPM620 220/270 95 330/180 70 45 23 94 13 10 22…



Ø Four stages of foldable & removable handles save the handle force during operation.

Ø 360°rotary socket.

Ø Self-contained hydraulic pump and puller body with integral safety valve.

Ø Heat-treated & chrome plated hydraulic cylinder rod provides linear force.

Ø Easily release valve.

Ø Spring loaded live centering nut for easy job (removable).

Ø 2-jaw puller crosses head with manganese-phosphate plated for rust proof and durability.

Ø Heat-treated, chrome plated & alloy steel stud for rust proof and free reach.

Ø Extension rods allow the user to extend the stroke according to the needs.download