Hydraulic Inbuilt Cage Puller Aibc (Eco Series)

MModel Number. Capacity (Tonne) Stroke (mm) Max Spread A (mm) Max. Reach B (mm) Thickness of Jaw C (mm) Thickness of Jaw Tip D (mm) Height H (mm) Weight (kg) AIBC-5 5 50 200 166 140 15 480 13.8 AIBC-10 10 60 300 204 170 16 510 15.1 AIBC-20 20 70 400 238 205 16…


  • Inbuilt safety relief valve prevents accidental over pressurization of the puller.
  • 360 degree rotary handle swivel clevis allows pumping from all directions.
  • Safety retention system guides jaw for fast set up, solid contact and superior safety.
  • Spring loaded live centering cone allows easy centering of puller on shaft.
  • Complete hydraulic puller allows effortless generation of force and dismounting.
  • The jaws are made of high strength, heat treated steel alloy for safety and durability.
  • Bright chrome finish on jaws and head to resist corrosion.
  • Jaw retention design reduces possible injury from puller jaws flying off or snapping back.