Hydraulic Door Opener

TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: Model AGYKM-63-100/120-A Rated Working Pressure 720 bar (10440 psi) Max. Opening Force 71 KN (15961lbs Closed Length 230mm (9.0in) Opening Distance 117mm (4.6in) Times of Hand pump Beating when start without Load 20 time NO-Load Closing time (Free Fall) 50s Weight 5.5 (12 lbs) Dimension (L*W*H) 122*100*228


Portable Door opener is mainly used for breaking of roller shutter door, security door under special circumstances.
Applications: Accident rescue, especially suitable for residential and commercial buildings, hotels & fire rescue to open the locked door in time.
Features: 1. Can provide 10 tons collapsing force for opening door; working with manual pump can be produced with self-locking functions. 2. Safe to work in the explosive place 3. Mini sized, easy to bring, can be stored in the metal cabinet, implementing rapid mobility aid.  4. Body is of high strength alloy, sealing ring imported from Germany.