Hydraulic Door Opener Ahbt-300

TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: Model AHBT-300 Rated Working Pressure 720 bar (10440psi) The first stage out-put 22ml/time The second stagel out-put 5.7ml/time The third level out-put 1.9ml/time Hydraulic Oil Volume 1.7L Closed Length 710mm Open Distance of Blades 300m Lifting Distance 125mm Separating force 60KN Lifting force 60KN Lifting Scope 710-1325mm Weight 22.2kg Dimension (L*W*H) 800*190*180mm


2015 hot offer product which is warmly popular in many countries in the world market.
Application: When rescue, in-burst, arrest, can rift cut the security door.
Features: 1. Especially suitable for flammable and explosive environment; 2. Three stages hand pump with small size, light weight, without the need of fuel, Can Play a huge advantage while used in narrow spaces; 3. Three stages hand pump especially suitable for the case of no noise allowed; 4. Hydraulic door opener can open the internal and external open style security door, the door with many locks, and armored door. 5. The process of operation is very easy, it’s no more than 20 seconds for opening a door.
 6. The door opener with fast-link buckle, it takes few seconds to connect.