Hvac Hub Adapters & Fan Removal Adapter


HVAC Hub Adapters 
Our unique hub collar design allows our general purpose puller to be utilized on chillers, freezers, condensers, ice machines, furnace fans, ventilation fans, auto heaters, AC fans, and more. The collar adapter secures our Model 104 puller to hubs up to a 3-inch diameter. Set screws grip the hub to hold and align the collar adapter while the puller jaws are tightened securely into the hub collar groove, eliminating slippage during removal.
Our adapters come in a few convenient sets: the HP-1, HP-2, and FR-104K. An extra-large hub collar adapter (1¾ to 3 in.) is available for the HP series.
Fan Removal Adapter Kit
The FR-104K Fan Removal Kit was designed to reduce the repair time of frequent fan motor maintenance for GE converter cabinets (XLE and SLE towers only). It provides for fast removal of cooling fans used in wind generator converter cabinets, and fits 5-blade fans with 4-inch hub diameters. The adapter is made of solid aluminum and rated up to 1.75 tons, while the top-of-the-line forged steel puller is rated to 5 tons.