COF#N – Cylinders Oil Return With Hollow Piston Steel And Aluminium


All COF cylinders are supplied with a smooth hollow saddle and have a have a threaded body, rod and base to facilitate the fixing and inserting of the necessary accessories. These cylinders are equipped with a safety valve which is connected to the retract chamber and prevents any possible overpressure. The end of stroke nut has a wiper to prevent the entrance of dirt. The nitride anti-corrosive treatment makes them suitable for works in harsh environments and in the open air.


The through hole makes them particularly suitable for tensioning, mounting and the extraction of pulleys, bushings and heat exchanger pipes. They can be used in pushing and pulling operations by putting a bar or a cable attached to the saddle.

ACCESSORIES: – ZTE threaded saddle allows the mounting of threaded bars.

STANDARD: – Smooth hollow saddle avoids any risk of rod deformation.

OPTIONS: L version, cylinders with aluminum body ( COF###L### )

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