TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: Model AR-1230 Rated Working Pressure 720 bar (10440psi) Max. Lifting Force 156KN Telescopic Length 490mm (19.3in) Spread Distance 2x245mm Contraction Extension Length 740-1230mm (29-48in) Weight =18.5kg Dimension (L*W*H) 740*200*110mm


1. Bi-directional ram and motor pump or hydraulic hand pump used in combination with the function of opening, lifting, remaining stable of heave object.2,The termination point is crosshead which can  360 ° rotating, easy and accrate positioning, can keep safety when firm and grip in various kinds of rescue situations.3,Adopts the technology of single interface with dual tube can not only improve working efficiency and reliability, but also reduce the weight of the equipment; 4,The body is made of high-strength alloy.5,The reversing valve equipped with bi-directional self-locking and integrated automatic reset can be locked in any position, no retraction, high safety. 6. The carefully designed anti-skid teeth at each ends ensure that no slippage under stress.7. Two-stage piston, bi-directional lifting design. 8,It is coupled with spreader can spread the dilapidation from gap to open space;9,the original extension bar structure allows the combinations of various lengths slickly.10,Can be operated with pressure, very convenient and can save rescue time.11. All of the sealing elements are imported from Germany, the quality is better.

Application 1. Rescue for highway, railway traffic accidents, Air disaster and Salvage; 2. Rescue for building collapse and earthquake disaster; 3. Moving obstructions, lifting objects, creating rescue paths and maintaining stability of objects.