Bearing Heater AB-RJZC & AB-RMD

Model AB-RJZC-220 AB-RMD-480
Power (KVA) 2.5 3.6
Voltage (V) 220 220
Electric current (A) 10 16
Frequency (HZ) 50 50
Rotating Device No No
Pole Section 40×40 60×60
Max Bearing Weight (kg) 15 24
Inside Diameter (mm) 15-140 30-300
Max. Outside Diameter (mm) 220 480
Max Width (mm) 95 180
Temperature Control Yes Yes
Temperature 0-270 0-270
Temperature Magnetic Wand v v
Digital Display v v
Time Setting v v
Longest Time (s) 0-999 0-999
Sound Prompt v v
Error Display v v
Automatic Stay Warm v v
Automatic Demagnetization Yes yes
Size 240x200x240 460x210x260
heating Rod Size and Quantity 10,14,20,30 20,30,40,50,60
Pillar Extension Rod Custom Custom
Total Weight (kg) 70 83
Alarm Prompt v v


Advantages of  AB-RJZC Series Induction Heaters:

Control Method and Display for Users

  • Temperature Control.
  • Time Control.
  • Automatic Demagnetization.
  • Power Adjustment.
  • Show the heating temperature and heating the final target temperature actual value.
  • Display the current heating temperature and heating time remaining.
  • Prompt for the End of Heating.

Compact Portable 

  • Vehicles Equipped with Devices Customize.

Operate Easily  

  • Straightforward Control.
  • Facilitated rotating heating, a Solid Industrial Design.

A Solid Industrial Design  

  • Heavy structure of the workshop by the stand the harsh environment.
  • Dust-proof, waterproof, anti-oil-function keyboard.

Not detract from bearing

  • Do not affect the bearing lubrication.
  • There are shock heating of the base to prevent vibration due to environmental reasons bearing on the marks left by David.

Microelectronic Processor Control  

  • Designed to facilitate maintenance -With self-diagnostic procedures

Laudable and environmentally friendly products  

  • Rapid heating, high efficiency and energy saving.
  • Clean: a smoke-free, non-steam, no waste disposal.