Bearing Heater AB-DCL-T

Model AB-DCL-T
Electric power 1000 W
Voltage AC 220-240V50Hz/60Hz
Auto Adjustment 50% – 100%
Electric current 2.3-4.5A (Auto)
Temperature Scope 0-180 Degree C
Time Scope 0-99*59 Min
Max. Outside Diameter 260 mm
Inner Diameter 20-120 mm
Max. Bearing Weight 15 Kg
Residual Magnetic Less than 2 A/c
Induction Heated Head size Dia 177x200xf 19mm
Dimension/Net Weight 400x210x300 mm/3 Kg
Demagnetization Auto
Coils Cooling Method Force-Air Cooling
Control Panel Digital Display
Out Shell Meterial ABS Composite material


Advantages of DCL-T Induction Heaters: Light Weight

Control Method and Display for Users –
  • Temperature Control 
  • Time Control 
  • Automatic Demagnetization 
  • Power Adjustment 
  • Show the heating temperature and heating the final target temperature actual value 
  • Display the current heating temperature and heating time remaining 
  • Prompt for the End of Heating  
Compact Portable 
  • Vehicles Equipped with Devices Customize
Operate Easily  
  • Straightforward Control
  • Facilitated rotating heating, a Solid Industrial Design.
A Solid Industrial Design 
  • Heavy structure of the workshop by the stand the harsh environment
  • Dust-proof, waterproof, anti-oil-function keyboard