Battery Rescue Spreader

TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: Model AEC-150 Max. Opening Distance 650mm (25.5in) Rated Working Pressure 720 bar (10440psi) Rated Tension Force 47 KN Rated Pulling Force 43 KN Pulling Distance 520mm (20.4in) Weight 24.8 kg (include Battery) Dimension (L*W*H) 905*350*279mm


Electric rescue spreader is used to make room for further rescue in earthquake disaster and building collapse rescue. Without any source of power, battery powered spreader can work independently with owned power. So it is easy to carry and operation, also it has advantages of light weight, low energy consumption, reliable work and high efficiency.
Application:1. Traffic accident and air disaster rescue.  2. Earthquake and other geological disasters rescues. 3 Building collapses and others gap and expand gallery for rescue; 4. Can cooperate with chains to clear  road obstacles.
Features:1. Unique design guarantees a bigger working capacity; also makes a perfect spreading position. 2. High strength material provides excellent spreading, pulling function.3. Compact structure, light and portable.