Battery Rescue Cutter


Model AEC-150
Max. Opening Distance 154mm (5.9in)
Rated Working Pressure 720 bar (10440psi)
Q235 Material Diameter 30mm (circle steel)
Max. Cutting Force 670 KN
Weight 20 kg (44lbs)
Dimension (L*W*H) 838*215*279mm


This cutter is specially designed according to working requirements, it is characterized of compact structure, light weight, less working time and advanced functions. This rescue cutter is widely applied for traffic accident, earthquake and other disasters rescue.
Application:1. Traffic accident and air disaster rescue.  2. Earthquake and other geological disasters rescues  3 Building collapses and others.
Features: 1. Unique design guarantees a bigger working capacity; also makes a perfect spreading position. 2. High strength material provides excellent spreading, pulling function.  3. Compact structure, light and portable.