Avdel Chobert

Fast Facts:

  • Internally tapered bore ensures consistent light clamp to reduce potential damage to soft or brittle materials.
  • The light clamp makes it ideal for use as a pivot pin or hose tail.
  • Expands radially during installation to ensure maximum hole fill.
  • Lower in-place costs than welding or nail rivets.
  • Placed using a unique repetition mandrel system for high-speed assembly.
  • Can be bowl fed for larger volume applications using automated equipment.
  • Available as a customized design to meet your unique assembly requirements.
  • Popular assembly applications include automotive, electronic component, sheet metal, electrical engineering, injection molded components, switchgear, domestic appliance, and light fabrication.
  • Sizes: 2.4mm to 6.4mm (3/32″ to ¼”)
  • Materials: Aluminum alloy, steel, brass, nickel-plated brass, and tin-plated brass*
  • Headform: Dome/mushroom and countersunk
Material Headform Series
Aluminum Alloy Dome 120° Countersunk Low profile Chobert® 1125/31/35/64 Chobert® 1124/32/36 Chobert® 1162
Steel Dome 120° Countersunk Chobert® 1121 Chobert® 1122
Brass – electro tin plated* – nickel plated Dome Countersunk Dome Countersunk Dome Countersunk Chobert® 1141 Chobert® 1142 Chobert® 1143 Chobert® 1144 Chobert® 1147 Chobert® 1148
* Avdel® recommends tin-plated Chobert® fasteners are installed within nine months from the date they were produced.

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