AHW Series Telescoping Bottle Jacks

Model Number Capacity Stroke Retracted Height min. Length of Screw Ext. Height w/screw Ext. No. pump Stroke to Ext. Piston 25.4 mm Saddle Dia. Base Size Beveled Base Pump Handle Length Handle effort at rated cap. Carry Handle Product Weight Ton (mm) (mm) (mm) mm mm mm (mm) (mm) Kg Kg A9006X 6 305 216…


  • Telescoping jacks offer all of the quality features and capabilities of the standard bottle jack line with a bonus. The super-long stroke of these jacks saves time and effort by eliminating the need to lift, crib, lift, etc. In most applications, the user can place the jack once and complete the lift.
  • The A9015X offers very low clearance capability, making it the ideal choice for forklift maintenance or machine lifting.
  • The taller A9006X, A9011X and A9013X all feature a unique beveled base that allows the jack to “follow” the load laterally as it is raised, greatly reducing side-loading of the piston.