Trolley Mounted Posi Lock Phs Hydraulic Puller Set

Model Number Capacity (ton) Number of Jaws Reach (mm) Spread (mm) PHMS-206 5 2 152.4 12.7 to 203.2 PHMS-106 5 3 152.4 12.7 to 203.2 PHMS-208 10 2 203 19 to 305 PHMS-108 10 3 203 19 to 305 PHMS-210 15 2 254 25 to 381 PHMS-110 15 3 254 25 to 381 PHMS-213 25…


The PHS-108/PHS-208 have many applications for all industries. These powerful, self-contained pulling systems are ideal for pulling a wide variety of press-?t parts, including bearings, gears, bushings, wheels and pulleys. You get the ease of a manual puller with the power of hydraulics.

Posi Lock’s hydraulic pullers are the preferred choice of professionals around the world. Ideal for many uses, Posi Lock adds efficiency to a job that can often be frustrating and labor intensive. Posi Lock hydraulic pullers are available in 2- or 3-jaw models and range from 5- to 100-ton capacity. Known for safety, high quality, durability, and ease of use, our pullers are designed to help you extend bearing life in your applications through proper installation, removal and service