Posilock 200 Ton Hydraulic Puller Abhp Series

Features and Benefits 
• 10,000 PSI electric two-stage pump
• Remote jog switch with 10-foot cord (3.05 m)
• 200-ton cylinder, 10,000 PSI and double acting 13.25 (337 mm) stroke
• Hydraulic-actuated lift cart extends puller from ground to a height of 5 feet (1.52 m)
• Jaws are hydraulically controlled with cylinders
• Multiple pushing adapters
(1) 4-in. diameter x 9-in. (102 x 229 mm)
(1) 4-in. diameter x 19-in. (102 x 483 mm)
(1) 4-in. diameter x 29-in. (102 x 737 mm)
(1) 4-in. diameter x 39-in. (102 x 990 mm)
• Adjustable jaw tips
• Adjustable jaw guides
• Specialized jaw tips available
Posi Lock’s portable 100 Ton and 200 Ton puller systems are designed for use on large equipment and machines used at steel mills, oil fields, mining operations, shipyards, construction sites, paper mills, railroad and airline maintenance shops.
Posi Lock recognized the growing demand for solutions to resolve tough maintenance challenges. As innovative leaders of their industry, Posi Lock expanded their hydraulic systems line and introduced the 4-jaw 200-Ton puller.
The ABPH-200T provides the ultimate hydraulic muscle. It has been deemed the preferred maintenance solution for the effective removal of stubborn gears, bearings, wheels, and other press-fit items from machines throughout diverse industries.

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