Machinist Vise


Machinist Vise

Posi Lock’s MVP5 was designed by our manufacturing division, with all the needs of machinists in mind. Its safe, fast, and effortless operation is guaranteed to enhance efficiency, productivity, and worker satisfaction. Such is our confidence in this devise, we us it in every CNC machine!

Features and Benefits:

  • Built-in power source
  • 0–6,000 pounds of clamping force
  • 90° indexable jaws (4 usable sides) available in steel or aluminum
  • Anti-lift jaw design
  • Self-contained safety relief valve
  • Completely sealed design
  • All wear components are hard-coated
  • Lightweight aluminum design dampens vibrations
  • Accurate and repeatable setups within .001 inches
  • Low-profile mounts for maximum machinable jaw height
  • Tested to 1.5 million cycles
  • Low maintenance critical vise components are completely sealed from contaminants
  • Weighs a manageable 42 lbs (19 kg) without jaws