Electric Ram

TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: Model No. Rated Working Pressure   Length of Extra Piston bar Lifting Force   Closed Length Working Scope Weight Dimensions AER-560 720 bar 100/175/ 275mm 120 KN 370mm   560-1480mm 21kg 560*300 *175mm   10440 psi 13.7in   14.5in 21.8-57.7in 46.9lbs


It uses LED lamp before and after the ram, to ensure the reliability at night.
Application:1. Highway railway accident rescue air crash and beach relief. 2. Buildings and disaster relief.3.Moving obstacles, top objects, create rescue channels and maintain object stable.
Features: It uses high strength and lightweight alloy manufacture, elaborate design of both anti-skid tooth to make sure when under stress won’t fall off, bi-directional hydraulic lock and automatic reset val ve operation,  at working when meeting unexpected encounter can ensure the operator security, short in top-up time consuming, accelerate rescue process.