COS – Standard Cylinders Oil Return For High Tonnage, In Steel


Solidly designed, the rod end has concentric grooves to improve load grip. Every model is equipped with lifting eyes and anti-corrosive nitride treatment which makes them suitable to be used in harsh environments. A safety valve connected to the return chamber prevents any overpressure . The end of stroke nut has a wiper to prevent the entrance of dirt. They can operate with off-centred loads up to 8% of their nominal capacity.


They are extremely solid hydraulic cylinders highly recommended for lifting, holding and lowering operations. They are ideally built for applications in civil and marine engineering and in the construction industry.


– T version, cylinder with integrated tilt saddle.
– F version, cylinder with base mounting holes for fixing purposes.

– Separate ZTT tilt saddle reduces the effects of possible off-centred loads.


force: 50-500t
stroke: 25-300mm
max working pressure: 700bar