COI#N – Oil Return Industrial Cylinder With Metric Thread

Features These cylinders are equipped with a collar thread, an internal rod thread and base mounting holes. They are supplied with an interchangeable grooved saddle and models over 30 tonne have eyelets to facilitate their transport. For models with 30 ton or higher, the hole in the rod is not suitable for traction but only for the mounting of tilt saddles or other equipment. A safety valve connected to the retract chamber avoids any possible overpressure. The guide nut has a wiper ring to prevent the entering of dirt and to extend the working life of the cylinder. OPERATIONAL AREAS

They are highly versatile and strong cylinders designed to be used in industrial applications with a high number of working cycles. They are also used in the pushing of underpass constructions and in piling operations and given their threaded collar they can be mounted on presses.

ACCESSORIES: – Separate ZTT tilt saddle reduces the effects of possible off-centred loads.

STANDARD : – Base mounting holes. – Pushing saddle prevents any risk of rod deformation.

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