COG – Oil Return Cylinder With Safety Nut For High Tonnage

Features Designed in function of their strength, they have the extremity of the rod equipped with grooved saddles in order to improve the grip of the load. All models are equipped with eyelets to facilitate their transport and positioning. A safety valve, calibrated at 150 bar, connected to the return chamber, avoids possible overpressure. OPERATIONAL AREAS They are very solid hydraulic cylinders recommended for lifting, pillaring and lowering operations. Given their double acting configuration they are suggested for the synchronous lowering with split flow power packs. They are mostly used in works of civil, naval, iron metallurgy, mechanical engineering, in industrial assembly and in heavy carpentry where the quick and total return of the rod and the support of the load with the safety nut are fundamental requirements. OPTIONS: – F version, cylinder with base mounting holes for fixing purposes. ACCESSORIES: – Separate ZTT tilt saddle reduces the effects of possible off-centred loads.

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