Hydraulic Puller 100 Ton & 50 Ton

Model Cylinder output (Tons) Minimum Spread (mm) Minimum Reach (Deep drawing) (mm) Maximum Spread (mm) Maximum Reach ­(Deep drawing) (mm) Full Length (mm) ­Center height adjustment (mm) Cylinder stroke (mm) Single/Three Phase Power Source APH-100 100 381 860 1219 1060 3015 305-915 250 220V 380V   Full Automatic Vehicular Hydraulic  Puller (50T) Hydraulic tool with…


Vehicular Hydraulic Puller (100T)

      • Hydraulic tool made of super strength alloy, single/ double acting hydraulic design, suitable for the disassembly of large shafts and aperture parts
      • Wheeled cart for easy movement, capability of changing the operating site at any time.
      • 2-pawl drawing wheel structure with simplicity and convenience.
      • Safety locking apparatus attached.
      • Can be customized as per customer requirement.