Posi Lock 100-ton Hydraulic Pullers


Posi Lock 100-Ton Hydraulic Pullers

Posi Lock’s 100-ton hydraulic pullers provide maximum pulling force in applications requiring high-force removal of large gears, pulleys, wheels, sleeves and other press- t parts.

Features and Benefits:
  • 10,000 PSI electric two-stage pump
  • Remote jog switch with 10-foot cord (3.05 m)
  • 100-ton cylinder 10,000 PSI with spring return (10.25-inch stroke)
  • Hydraulic-powered lift on cart extends puller from ground to height of 5 feet (1.52 m)
  • Jaws are hydraulically controlled with cylinders
  • Multiple pushing adaptors

1 – 3.5-inch diameter x 9-inch (89 mm x 229 mm)
1 – 3.5-inch diameter x 19-inch (89 mm x 483 mm)
1 – 3.5-inch diameter x 29-inch (89 mm x 737 mm)
1 Coupler

  • Removable transport cart
  • Puller can be used in horizontal or vertical positions
  • Adjustable jaw tips
  • Adjustable jaw guides