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  • Stanley Engineered Fastening

    THE INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH THAT WE AREWe are not the type to go out on the weekends. Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of only working when the weather is beautiful and the beer is cool. We work in the deepest mines on the planet. We do our work in the hottest deserts in the planet….

  • Dewalt

    We design our goods with the goal of moving the industry ahead. We create technologies that are rooted in innovation in order to address the issues you experience on the jobsite. Many of our tools were acknowledged for their great features and performance in 2021, and we are proud of them.TOTAL COMMERCE SOLUTIONS, INC. To…

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  • Proto

    PROTO PROTO ®OFFERS MUCH MORE THAN JUST TOOLS FOR THE WORKSHOP. The following is what we truly provide to our customers: INSOLVE YOUR CONCERNS. The bottom of a coal mine is three miles below the surface of the earth. In the Indian Ocean, there is an oil rig. In a war-torn country, a battlefield can…

  • Stanley

    The name STANLEY® has been associated with high-quality, dependable products that are innovative and cost-effective for more than 170 years. The correct tool for the job may be found at Stanley for everyone from the “Do-it-yourselfer” installing a ceiling fan to the professional contractor erecting new homes. We are proud of our reputation for excellence,…

  • Samoa Spain

    Home Chindalia Groups partners with Samoa Spain, fluid management and handling industry. Since 1958, Samoa has been a part of Spain. The superiority of a world-class organisation. Samoa, formed in Spain in 1958, is a third-generation privately held company that has established a solid international reputation in the fluid management and handling business. The Samoan…

  • Expander

    THE PIVOTS OF YOUR MACHINE DETERMINE THE STRENGTH OF YOUR MACHINE.When it comes to rotational movement, pivots are at the heart of it. Lug wear is common on exposed pivots, which happens as a result of the clearance between the barrel and the conventional pin in many cases. Line boring is a popular method of…

  • Superbolt

    Superbolt was the first company in the world to use multi-jackbolt tensioning (MJT) technology to completely transform the way nuts and bolts are manufactured. A large number of successful installations have validated our technology, and we are continually developing a diverse range of solutions to address the problems of the future generation of bolting installations.