RP Series Pneumatic Torque Wrench

The RP series handle makes it appear like an impact wrench, but once you pull the trigger nothing about this tool relates to the word “IMPACT”. This is a smooth running instrument for applying vast amounts of torque in a continuous fluid like manner. With the use of standard industrial sockets every application is met with repeatable torque to an accuracy of +/-5%.


  • Made In USA
  • Five Models From 78 lbf-ft to 6,000 lbf-ft
  • Every Unit Calibrated In ISO17025 Laboratory
  • Manufactured With AQ Certified Alloys
  • Genuine TorcUP Design

When it comes to the saying “more to it than meets the eye”, this is an understatement when creating an accurate and durable pneumatic torque wrench. The RP series wrenches combine the most tight tolerance air drive motors along with a planetary gear stack capable of handling more torque than the tool is cited as capable of – YES WE BUILT IN A SAFETY FACTOR! The specifications we state are the specifications you get when you purchase an RP series wrench! From the speed to the torque to the weight to the operational sound level – WHAT IS ADVERTISED IS WHAT YOU GET! And what you get is a tool that you can count on! So what matters to you? Marketing hype or the ABSOLUTE MOST DURABLE PNEUMATIC TORQUE WRENCH SERIES EVER PRODUCED!


Smooth accuracy combined with rugged durability

  • Precise accuracy created through our surgical like gear production
  • Durability achieved through years of research and development
  • Safe and ergonomic operation with the operator in mind